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Aromatic Home Diffuser
Size: 1 product Item: 53986

Create your own nature-inspired oasis! With the Aromatic Home Diffuser, you can diffuse essential oils to create any atmosphere you desire. Diffuse any single oils, blends, or even create your own DIY blend to personalise your aromatic experience.

Aura Petite Diffuser 2-Pack
Size: 2 products Item: 5899

Create your aura wherever you go! This slender and elegant accessory allows you to enjoy the soothing, energising, and invigorating aroma of essential oils – anytime, anyplace. No need for batteries, water, or charging. Includes 2 Aura Petite Diffusers and 2 Aura Wick Reservoir Inserts.

Aura Wick Reservoir Insert 4-Pack
Size: 4 products Item: 4546

Switch up your aura with different benefits! This set of four Wick Reservoir Inserts can be used to fill your Aura Petite Diffuser with your favourite essential oils when you’re running low, or change them out when you need something new.

PURE™ Roll-On Bottles 6-Pack
Size: 6 roll-on bottles Item: 50024

Got a custom blend you love to apply? Have a diluted oil you want to keep ready? Roll-on bottles are the perfect solution! They’re mess-proof and allow you to apply the ideal amount to your skin.

Pure Cap Stickers
Size: 60 cap stickers Item: 52985

The Pure Essential Oil cap stickers make it easy to identify your oils.

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